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         Pennies from Heaven                          Total Transitions

Helping the Elderly and Homeless                 Putting together all the pieces         

       Non-Profit Foundation                                   of your moving puzzle!

                                  We make life easier to handle!

                Hands On Support to “Simplify your Life”

  • Turn Your Unwanted Goods Into Cash – we arrange Estate Sales, Consignment Sales, Garage Sales, Antiques and Art Valuations
  • Ewaste/Hazards we arrange disposal or sales of computers, electronic equipment, waste such as paints and solvents
  • Donations – we arrange Salvation Army pickups, Hope donations and you get valuable tax deductions
  • Storage  Solutions – we arrange transitions, downsizing and long term storage needs
  • Document Shredding – we arrange the shredding of documents and organizing needed documents
  • Moving Assistancewe arrange moving estimates and we coordinate your move
  • Utilities – we arrange connecting or disconnecting your utilities


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